current account

Basic Account

As a result of the Payment Accounts Act (ZKG), which came into force on June 19, 2016, you can also open a basic account at ICS Bank.
For more information and the account opening form, please click here.
You want to open an ICS Current Account right now? By clicking the button „Open account“ on the left hand side, you get your account opening started and can download all necessary files. You then use our account change service to inform your payment partners quick and easy about your new bank account details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email


ICS current Account

Now there is an account that suits your life.And your convictions.
A broad spectrum of services, 100 % value awareness and zero costs
The current account has a lot of advantages. You can withdraw cash, put money into your account or make transactions and save money in the process, as you do not pay any basic monthly charges for your ICS Current Account. Your finances are under control – without engagement limit and overdraft interest. The online banking is free-of-charge and you can withdraw cash with enhanced flexibility as your ICS Current Account comes with a Maestro if you wish so.
The advantages of the ICS Current Account:
  • Free-of-charge account change service
  • Withdraw money free of charge in all ICS Bank branches and Netto stores
  • No account maintenance charges
  • No minimum in payments
  • Free- of-charge Maestro card
  • Free-of-charge online- and mobile banking
Quick and easy account opening:
  1. Click „Open account“.
  2. Fill out the online-application – it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Keep your ID or passport ready for verification of identity via VideoIdent.
  4. After successful legitimation you will receive from us all documents via email.
Account change service – quick and easy
If you are a new client of ICS Bank, and interested in opening a ICS Current Account, we offer you a quick and easy free-of-charge account change service from your former current account to your new ICS Current Account. It only takes a few minutes to inform your payment partners, e. g. employer, electricity provider a. s. o. about your new bank account details.
Change your account – online and in just a few clicks
  • We identify and list your payment partners.
  • You decide whom we should inform about your new bank account details.
  • You add on to or correct the payment partner list.
  • You submit the order with one click.
Get the free-of-charge account change service started
Current Account in different currencies
In addition to your ICS Current Account in Euro, we may also provide current account services in below currencies:
  • TRY – Turkish Lira
  • USD – United States Dollar
  • GBP – British Pound
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • KWD – Kuwaiti Dinar
  • AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham
  • JPY – Japanese Yen
  • QAR – Qatari Riyal
Withdraw money free of charge in more than 4,100 Netto stores
With the ICS Maestro Card you can get cash at no charge. From a purchase value of € 10 in all Netto Marken-Discount Stores in Germany, you can get up to € 200 cash at zero cost. The procedure is easy and safe: You name the desired amount at the Netto cash desk and enter the PIN into the reader – the cash will be paid out immediately.
Your banking transactions can hardly be more affordable. Open your ICS Current Account now and convince yourself!