savings account

Savings Account

Your savings plan for the future.
Let your money work for you.
Attractive conditions for monthly savings
With the ICS Savings Account, clients can create a financial cushion for all eventualities. The account facilitates a long-term savings approach and comes with a minimum monthly savings rate of € 50 and a duration of 5-10 years. For families in particular, a foresighted austerity plan remains an essential topic. Think today about tomorrow and build up financial reserves for the future of your family. Benefit from your savings plan when it is important – when your children take their driving tests, get married or in case you want to make your own long-held wish come true.
compliant savings account
A savings scheme with top returns: The ICS Savings Account helps you to steadily increase your assets in a reasonable way. Based on the ICS Participation Account, the savings deposits are being funneled into a pool for ethical investments into the real economy according to the value set. You also profit from one of the currently highest returns in the area of fixed-term deposits.
The advantages of the ICS Savings Account
  • compliant savings plan on the basis of participation
  • Above-average returns
  • Minimum monthly savings rate from € 50
  • Terms between 6 and 120 months
  • Three extension options
  • Joint account for two or more people
This is how the ICS Savings Account works:
When you apply for a ICS Savings Account, you specify the term, the monthly saving amount, the amount of your initial deposit as well as your preferred extension option following the expiry of the term. Your ICS Current Account will serve as clearing account for your ICS Savings Account. After paying the deposit onto the ICS Current Account, the savings account will be opened. At the beginning of every month the savings rate will be debited via SEPA from your account. At the end of the term, you will receive an account statement with information about revenues and profit payments.
Extension options:
(a) No automatic extension. Your deposit including profits will be paid to your ICS Current Account.
(b) Automatic extension of the deposit including profits for the selected term and under the valid allocation formula for profit sharing at the time of extension.
(c) Automatic extension of the deposit excluding profits for the selected term and under the valid allocation formula for profit sharing at the time of extension. The profits will be paid out to your current account.
Clever savings – apply for your KT Savings Account now
Your ICS  Savings Account in a few steps:
Are you already a KT Bank client? Then please fill out the ICS Savings Account application form and send it to us.
For new clients:
  1. Click „Open account“ in order to apply for a free-of-charge ICS Current Account.
  2. Fill out the online-application – it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Keep your ID or passport ready for verification of identity via VideoIdent.
  4. After successful legitimation you will receive from us all documents via email.
  5. After opening the ICS Current Account, please fill out the application form for the ICS Savings Account and send it to us.