Only satisfied clients are a guarantee of lasting success. That is why our products and services are designed to meet clients’ needs and why client satisfaction is one of our most important indicators of success.

Fairness and professionalism are our core values when dealing with clients and designing products. This is what we practise every day, on our website, in our branches and business client advice centres using the CustomerCompass, and in meetings with corporate and wealth management clients.

Our promise of fairness, professionalism, responsibility and sustainability is the benchmark we use to measure the quality of all our products and services. That is why we became one of the first banks to stop issuing exchange-traded investment products based on staple food commodities. And since 2011, all our investment recommendations for private clients have had to pass a sustainability filter. We have also introduced new products and services. In private banking, for example, we now offer free current and business accounts including a satisfaction guarantee, home finance that is not tied to a specific provider, and a free 30-day trial for consumer loans.


For us accessibility first of all means that buildings, services and products are designed in a way that everybody can use them. People with disabilities are also able to use them without help from others. First of all this means free access to our branches. As of December 2018, about 65 percent of our branches were equipped with completely barrier-free access. In order to improve this ratio we check accessibility whenever a branch gets modified. Whenever there is no possibility to realize a stepless access we install assisting systems to enable an access with the help of a Commerzbank employee.

Furthermore, all ATMs have a voice output for the for cash withdrawal function for visually impaired customers.

Of course accessibility also includes our digital channels such as our online banking and mobile banking solutions. Thus, all of our online banking functions are scalable in the browser. In online banking favorites can be set with direct links to online banking functions and the mobileTAN is usable for people with visual impairment. For this, the check summary of the transfer is displayed as HTML text that a reader software can handle. On smartphones the mobileTAN can be read aloud by reading software.



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